A Day on the Boo Boo Bus

There are times in my career that I’m thankful I chose to become a paramedic. More often than not, we take people to the hospital in the ambulance that really don’t need it. But that’s what we you. You call, we haul. On a recent shift, I had a call for a diabetic patient. Her blood sugar was low, but she was still coherent, and able to drink. We had her family prepare several glasses of orange juice, loaded with sugar. After a few glasses, he blood sugar rose to an appropriate level. As it always happens with diabetics, she didn’t want to go to the hospital. I explained to her the need to see her primary care physician, and then she began to apologize for bothering us.

I couldn’t believe my ears. This woman apologized for bothering us? She had a true medical emergency, and she’s apologizing for calling 911? She was genuinely apologetic. I assured her that there was no need to apologize. Had we not come to her house, who knows what would have happened?

People like her affirm to me why I do what I do. The job can be difficult. Long hours, time away from my family, and sleep deprivation. But I get a sense of fulfillment when I’m able to help someone in their time of need, no matter how simple of a task it is. I’ve been at it for 20 years now, and I still love it as much as when I first started, if not more. I’ve often thought about going back to school to become an RN, but I think I’m where God wants me.

Each time we walk through someone’s door, or approach a vehicle mangled from an accident, we have the chance to touch someone’s life. I’m thankful and blessed for the career I have. We try to save everyone, one patient at a time.

Jerrid Edgington
Paramedic & Author


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