A New Year….A New Book Coming

Hello all. I hope your holidays went well and the new year finds you achieving any goals you’ve set for yourself. My holidays were good, and I’ve been back to work now for three weeks. My back is holding up, so far (fingers crossed). Now that I’ve taken a little self imposed vacation from writing, I’m back at writing and working on book 4, the final book in the Reaper Series. I had a working title, but my publisher has suggested a different one, so I’ll announce the final title once we come to an agreement.

I must say this is going to be hard saying goodbye to Jacob Myers. Though he’s a fictional character, I’ve come to love writing about him and his adventures. I feel that his time has come to end the series. The one thing I didn’t want to do when I started writing was draw the series out too long. The reception I’ve received about Reaper’s Requiem has been incredible. I’m hoping to carry that momentum onto the final book. We have a target of May 2015 for release, but depending on the editing phase, it could be extended. But I’m hopeful it will be ready by then. Until then….read on!!!

Jerrid Edgington
Paramedic & Author


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