Top 5 Reasons Why I Write

Recently I’ve been asked why do I write. It got me to thinking, so I decided that I would jot down the top five reasons why:

#5 I’ll get rich, right?

Let me tell you. If you think you’ll get rich writing (unless you’re James Patterson) you’re sadly mistaken. I often thought this myself and after I published my first book, I was slapped in the face with a cold and harsh reality. With as much work, time, and effort it takes to write a book, I would gather to say I ended up in the negative with pay compared to work. This, of course, wasn’t my driving force. We’ll get to that in a little bit.

#4 I’ll become famous and people will want my autograph.

After writing that sentence I had to laugh out loud. I have been asked to autograph my book, which I’m still not comfortable with since I’m really a nobody in the writing world, but I’m far from becoming famous. I do have a following of readers that I converse with and I enjoy talking about my books with them. In fact, I converse with people from Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia on a regular basis. I never in a million years would’ve thought my books would be read globally. Of course, I never in a million years thought I would write a book. Guess I was wrong about that one.

#3 It’s easy and I could write ten books a year.

(Again, laughing out loud) Before I became a writer I thought it didn’t take much work to write a book. It’s as simple as putting pen to paper. Boy was I wrong! It takes me, on the average, six months from start to finish for a book. The easiest part is the first draft. Then comes the multiple rounds of editing, proof reading, copy editing, and then editing more. If the whole process could be as easy as writing the first draft, I probably could write that many in a year. As it stands, two books a year is going to be my max. Maybe when I become a better writer and I’m more organized with the prep work, that might be possible. But for now, two books a year is all I’m capable of.

#2 Oprah Winfrey will want me on her show.

This, I’m sure, will never happen. There are so many talented writers out there that I probably would have a better shot at being a first round draft pick in the next NFL draft. As nice as it would be, I’m happy with where I’m at in my writing career. I don’t think I’m anywhere near the level of a writer to be on her show, yet.

And the number one reason why I write…..

Drum roll please…..

#1 I have a story to tell.

The other four reasons were things I thought before I became a writer. I come up with these ideas for books full of conflict and real life situations I think anyone can relate to. How often have you read a book and thought, “No, that isn’t real.” and felt dissatisfied with it? I like to take things that happen everyday and build a story around them. Just like in my first book, Racing the Reaper, I get comments all of the time from people in EMS/Fire saying they remember what it was like being a rookie like the main character, Jacob. I try to provide stories of real life with a  touch of creativity mixed it, to keep it exciting. As long as the stories worthy of telling burrow their ways into my head, I’ll keep writing.

Jerrid Edgington
Paramedic & Writer


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