Book Three Now Has a Name

I’m happy to announce that book three in the Reaper series now has a name. After several conversations with my publisher, we’ve mutually agreed on one. The title is….drum roll please…Oh, did I tell you that I’ve submitted the third book to my publisher to begin red ink edits?


You want to know the title?

Oh, my mistake. Forgive me, I’m easily distracted. The title is:

Reaper’s Requiem.

We’re targeting a fall release for this book. I’ll keep you all informed of any updates as they become available.


Jerrid Edgington
Paramedic & Author


One comment on “Book Three Now Has a Name

  1. My dad was a paramedic in San Antonio…but he could never talk about it. I’m glad that you have an outlet through your writing. I look forward to reading it! :0) Marie
    (I might have to wait to get through a few other piles first. )

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