A Real Feel Good

As I was sitting at home yesterday afternoon working on edits for Resuscitation, my phone rang. I picked up my phone and almost didn’t answer it because it was one of the numbers from my employer. I’m a firm believer that my days off are not meant to be bothered with work jargon. I decided to answer it and I’m glad I did.

One of our paramedics from another shift called me because he was sitting at a diner in his response area when a man approached him and told him about the motorcycle accident he suffered a year ago. The man lives in another state and was on his way to Tulsa for an orthopedic appointment. It turned out that I was the paramedic on his accident. He wanted to speak to me and gave my co-worker my phone number.

I called him and we spoke for about thirty minutes. He wanted to thank me for taking care of him. In my eighteen year career, this was a first. It’s often we take care of people and never hear from them again or know how their injuries turn out. This particular man suffered several bone fractures and we flew him to a trauma center in Tulsa.

He’s still on the road to recovery and his prognosis is good. I’m not one that enjoys accolades, but it made me feel good the man wanted to thank me for all we did. I explained to him that I was a part of the team that cared for him and that I would pass on his appreciation to them as well.

Needless to say, in a stressful day of editing, his phone call definitely lightened my mood.


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