A Rewarding Shift

More often than not, 90% of our calls are not life threatening and don’t really require a trip to the hospital via ambulance.

I was thinking back to a call a several years ago where we were dispatched to a suicide attempt via drug overdose. I understand that mental illness is something that can be very difficult to live with, but I’m a firm believer that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Back to my story. The patient took an abundance of two psych medications and mixed them with alcohol. When we arrived, the patient was barely breathing. My partner and I moved the patient to our ambulance and went to work. I inserted a breathing tube with ease and took the patient to the hospital.

Long story short, had we not performed our life saving measures, the patient would’ve died.

It’s calls of that nature that make my job very rewarding and worth all the other, as we call it, BS calls. I love being a paramedic and God willing, I’ll continue to do it for another 20 years in top of the 18 years I’ve completed already.

Paramedic & Author


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  1. Tena Carr says:

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    Remember why you “Love What You Do”

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