Writing is a never ending lesson that teaches us

I read a blog post by a fellow writer, and she seriously impressed me with her post. The jist of it was that we, as writers, must learn how to draw our novel with our hands. She simply stated that with a little research, she was able to find quirks and lingo that brought her character alive. She’s right. We have to be able to “flesh out” the characters in our books and bring them alive. Sometimes this is so hard to do, but with a little research and a lot of work, it’s possible.

In my second novel, Resuscitation, one of the main character’s name is Dr. Young. He’s a very jealous and possessive person. I was able to give him the idiosyncrasies that made people loath and hate him. (this was the self published version that is currently being edited by my publisher) It’s amazing the things that you can learn from anyone, if you just take a moment to listen. She nailed it on the head with her post and it reminded me that with things I’m not familiar with, I need to do MORE research so I can bring that character alive. I’ve been really lucky so far because I’ve been writing about stuff I already know. There are two novels I will be writing that will be unfamiliar territory for me. Which simply means, I will need to do my homework.

Thank you Christina for the incredible post that reminded me we can’t rush our WIP’s (work in progress), but take the extra time to get to know our characters and complete them in a way they deserve so they can live and breathe like we want them to.

Jerrid Edgington


One comment on “Writing is a never ending lesson that teaches us

  1. Tena Carr says:

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    For a writer, (I believe) a book is always a WIP… You may reach a point where you are comfortable publishing…. But you’ll always find areas that could be improved or changed each time you view your work.

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