Resuscitation Release Date

I’m happy to announce the release for Resuscitation, the second book in the Racing the Reaper trilogy, will be released at the end of March 2014. I self published the first two books last year, but then I was signed by Master Koda Publishing. The first book, Racing the Reaper, went through the editing process and was re-released with a new cover. Resuscitation will go through the same process and will also receive a new cover. I am currently writing book three in the Racing the Reaper series, but haven’t come up with a title yet. I’ve written 31,000 words thus far and I’m very happy with the direction that book is taking. A release date hasn’t been agreed upon yet, but I will keep you all updated when the date is ready to be announced. The next book I will be writing upon completion of the Reaper series is already in the works. It will be a thriller and there will be more to follow at a later date on that book. Thank you for coming by my blog to visit.


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