#ZerotoHero: Day 4 – Explore the Neighborhood

Today we are asked to “Explore the Neighborhood” and follow 5 new blogs.

Since I am only an admin and not the actual owner, I am going to decline from following any new blogs without first conferring with the actual owner….  Besides which, any blogs I followed would show up on my reader – not his.

I have asked if there are any blogs that he is aware of (either as an author and/or as a paramedic) and will update this blog should any come to mind.   I do want to mention Master Koda Select Publishing (why I  was thinking Master Yoda, I have no idea) as they have been instrumental in the editing & publishing of Jerrid’s “Racing the Reaper” books.

Here’s the link to the past Zero to Hero posts for this blog

Tena Carr (Admin)


2 comments on “#ZerotoHero: Day 4 – Explore the Neighborhood

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