Zero to Hero: Day 2 – Blog Name

Sorry for the bit of confusion….   In Day One I had mentioned (as an update) that Jerrid was going to be taking over doing the Zero to Hero blog challenge.  That, again has changed and I will be continuing to take over on this challenge (Hey when it comes to writing, and in the world of EMS/Paramedicine, those things happen). ~ Tena Carr.

So here we are on Day 2 of the Journey.

Today seems to be more about “assignments” than actually blogging anything.  Nonetheless, I will do my best to share the 30 Day “Zero to Hero” journey.

The first assignment was to choose or (if you already have one) revise your blog title if need be.

The second assignment was to do the same for a tagline

The third assignment was to write a short description to use as a Text Widget….  Really?!?  I didn’t know a text widget existed.

Made some (very minor) changes to the title and to the tagline, but the whole text widget thing was new and writing a description for someone else —  Not the easiest thing to do (in fact I think it needs some clean up).  All I can do is hope that I did Mr. Edgington justice with my description (as well as on the rest of this blog).

Tena Carr


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