Zero to Hero: Day 1 – Intro

Note (Jan 3rd): just got word that Jerrid himself will be taking over on this challenge….. Stay tuned……

Note (Jan 2nd) As an admin of this blog I am taking over with a 30 Day blog challenge (designed to kick start your blog) called “Zero to Hero” ~ Tena Carr

Day 1: intro

Jerrid Edgington wears many hats….. Husband, Father, Hunter (though I’m not sure if he’s been successful in catching anything or not), Author, Paramedic, and I’m sure there are others I’m missing.

As an author he has been writing a Medical Thriller series called “Racing the Reaper“. Book 1 is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and book 2 is in the works of being edited & redone into what is sure to be an even better book than the first edition (if the redo of book 1 is anything to go by). Jerrid has also started writing book 3 in the series, but for now that book remains un-named.

When asked if there are plans to quit his work in the EMS profession as a Paramedic to which his reply is that he feels that being a Paramedic is where he is meant to be/where God wants him (he doesn’t foresee that changing any time soon).


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