Show Notes: December 08, 2013 (with @JerridEdgington)

Jerrid Edgington was recently a guest on the FES Tidbits Blog Talk Radio show……

Public Safety Tidbits

Well wouldn’t you know…..   I go to put together my “Show Notes” for yesterday’s Blog Talk Show  and wouldn’t you know  I couldn’t find them.  I mean the document is there, but when I opened it, I didn’t see the notes (which I use to put together the “Show Notes” posts – makes life easier)  I had put together for the show, but rather the show from the week before (insert fuming face here)…..    So, looks like I’m working from scratch.  Guess Murphy decided to play a visit after the show (well at least it wasn’t during – knock on wood).

We had an awesome guest this week.   Jerrid Edgington Paramedic & Author of the “Racing the Reaper” series shared with us what it’s like being a Paramedic – the good, the bad, the ugly – And news of his recently re-released book “Racing The…

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