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A Critical Call

(As written by author Jerrid Edgington)

This isn’t writing related but I had a call, the other day, for an overdose. We arrived on scene and found a man that was barely breathing. He had several empty bottles of various pain medications strung throughout the hotel room. After establishing an IV, I administered one milligram of Narcan (a drug that blocks the affects of opiate based drugs) but that didn’t do much. I gave him another one milligram of Narcan and the man went from barely breathing to conscious. I love that medication, Narcan. I wasn’t able to ascertain if the man was trying to harm himself or just “get high”. It was a call that made me feel good because often we run calls that don’t really need an ambulance. To have a call like that, as simple as it was, we saved that man’s life. If he hadn’t been found, it would’ve been a matter of time before he would’ve died. It feels good being able to make a difference. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful career.